Sunday, July 01, 2007

My ears were practically blown back by the mesmerizing torrent of sound...

That's how I felt when I stopped by Tucson's Access Tucson TV studios last night and happened upon Dan Harrigan's Noche de Sonora show...featuring that night Bisbee's Latin fusion band La Mezcla...

Founder Jim Harrelson.

Richard "Hunting Crow" Speer: Haight Ashbury veteran and understudy of Santana drummer Pete Valasquez.

"Jim Harrelson founded La Mezcla in 2005, after traveling throughout Latin America and Europe. His influences range from the flamenco guitar rhythms, to Ruben Blades of Panama, and Silvio Rodriguez of Cuba. He was first introduced to Latin music by friends within the exiled Chilean community living in Montreal - His love of music grew as he lived and traveled throughout Mexico, Latin America and Europe. Jim’s unique adaptations of their songs, as well as his own song writing and playing, has won crowds over from Mexico to Arizona and even the streets of Amsterdam. Accompanied by jazz guitarist Scott Baekeland on bass, Michael Panos on guitar and mandolin, with Richard Speer and Lonnie Brock on congas and drums, La Mezcla is becoming a featured band throughout Southern Arizona and along the Mexican border. Bisbee native Phil Hirales adds his passionate trumpet, sax, flute, and keyboards to the mix."

Harrigan and Son: Live Music Showcase
"Few opportunities exist for singers and musicians to perform on live TV. Harrigan and Son offers the chance for anyone to perform on either of our two Live Music Showcases, Noche de Sonora and Harrigan Afterhours. Noche de Sonora features the finest multicultural music west of the Pecos including Mariachi, NorteƱo, Cumbia, Tex-Mex, Waila, and Chicken Scratch. To learn more about Noche de Sonora and how to appear on it click on the wall. Harrigan Afterhours offers a full spectrum of musical performances and types of music including Folk, Country, Rock 'n' Roll, Indian, Classical, Folk Rock, and Bluegrass. Harrigan Afterhours is also an open door for Non-musical performance. We have had Magicians, clowns, dancers and mimes. To learn more about Harrigan Afterhours and how to appear on it click on Noche de Sonora and Harrigan Afterhours is Public Access TV at it's best. Noche de Sonora and Harrigan Afterhours is Public Access TV at its best."


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