Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Deer Creek Crossing" by Carlos Hadaway.

New visions from "The Arizona Kid"...

We're delighted to showcase a new series by Carlos Hadaway: celebrated southwestern oil painter, western folkorist, and old friend of T.S. Minton and Interfusion Publishing. His pristinely rendered works are known both for their gritty realism and their visual grandeur. These new (and newer) works featured below capture a more subdued, introspective side of our favorite colorful cowboy.

First, though, here's an excerpt from his website The Arizona

Carlos Hadaway was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and raised in San Diego, California. He is the oldest of six in a family known as "The Wild Bunch". While still a child,
he suffered blindness twice and underwent six eye operations to eventually regain his sight. As a youngster, his keen interest in art was encouraged and nurtured by his third-grade teacher, Sister Helen Theresa.

During service in the Navy, Carlos was a cartoonist and created the original logo for the San Diego Padres (more info), the little bat-swinging Friar. (more info). After leaving the military, Carlos relocated to Arizona where he launched his professional art career and became known as The Arizona Kid.

Carlos participates in top shows in all the western states and has garnered numerous awards, including Best of Show at Old Town Tempe's Festival of the Arts and the George Phippen Popular Award at the George Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, Arizona. One of his paintings hangs in the Arizona State Capitol, presented to the State of Arizona by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Licensed by Anheuser-Busch, Carlos created a series of six western prints featuring Budweiser® that has since become a collector's item.

As an artist, he has achieved success nationally and internationally, having appeared on television, radio and in newspapers and magazines. His work is found virtually all over the world.

Two highlights in Carlos' life were being selected as the 1994 Grand Marshal at the world's oldest rodeo, Prescott Frontier Days and 1992 Grand Marshal at the Pine Country Pro Rodeo in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In 1999, Scottsdale's Parada Del Sol, Arizona's premiere rodeo, commissioned Carlos to create the original artwork for the year 2000 celebration. Carlos has a large following who appreciate his unique style and true love of the West. When he's not painting, it's no surprise that his favorite pastimes are cowboying and collecting western memorabilia.

"History Lesson"

"Howdy Pardner"

"Indian Pots"

"Shrouded in Time"

"Window of Time"

"Winter View"

All works (C) Carlos Hadaway, all rights reserved. Used with permission.
A mesmerizing journey...

Take a trip through the Time Tunnel...

Music video interpreting time travel, photos by John I. Henry, video assistance by Dennis the Red.
(C) John I. Henry, all rights reserved.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Creatures of the deep...

Narrated by TV researcher John I. Henry...showing now at T.S. Minton Blogs, courtesy of

(C) Ted Loman/UFOAZ, used with permission.
To boldly blog where no one has blogged before...

Below you will find the first of many postings to clips from the new UFO and paranormal researcher and investigative interviewer Ted Loman's appearance on Larry King Live (March 27, 1997) discussing the Heaven's Gate cult suicides.

(C) Ted Loman/UFOAZ, used with permission.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pictures from "The Bunny Uriarte Show":

My daughter Jasmine with local celebrity Bunny Uriarte of "The Bunny Uriarte Show" fame. See her community cable TV show on Access Tucson.

Yours truly (the guy in the middle) with the aforementioned notables.

The center of attention (naturally).

Contemplating the universe (at Steve Eye's Solar Culture Gallery)" February, 2007 .

Photographs (C) 2007 John I. Henry. All rights reserved.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

From the vaults of T.S. Minton
Artwork of the week
"A man and his future", 1994
"The Riff-Raff Series," part 1

"Stragglers in the park", 1994

"Gone are the days" (detail), 1994

(C) T.S. Minton

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crazy about cats...
1st photo titled "Vampire Cat"
2nd photo titled "Psst...E = MC cat"

Both photos optical, non-digital.

(C) John I. Henry,
From galaxies to green earth...

"Deep space supernova"
"Meteor Cube"

"Frog's Eye Reflection"

"Fountain of Vedic Bliss"

"Turquoise moonbeams"

A touch of levity...

"Energizer Bunny encounters his father at the Louvre"

French tradition states that the day before a man gets married, he is allowed to do something foolish. Hence, the above photo.

"Puppets riding in style"
Can you name the two puppets? Email the editor now at

Photos (C) John I. Henry.
Travel section...

"Province of Alberta, Canadian Rockies"

"Monte Carlo, Monaco"

"Cote d'Azur, Nice"

"Saint Jean Cap Ferrat"

"Cote d'Azur, Cannes"

"Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris"

"Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Paris"

"Inner vestibule painting, Queen Hatshepsut's Temple at Deir el Bahiri"

"Mysterious guest visits Temple of Horus at Edfu"

All photos (C) John I. Henry

The Swamp Gas Report #3
More images from Martha McGrath...

Images recently seen... the mid-western Tucson sky (near "A" Mountain)...

...taken 02/08/07...

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Name that person, name that place...

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All above photos (C) John I. Henry
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