Saturday, July 14, 2007

Emerging from the eccentricly eclectic mish-mash of music...

and often woefully near-Maoist and well-nigh seditious politics endorsed by Tucson's one-of-a-kind community radio station KXCI 91.3 FM...a song has been burrowing into my brain...with lyrics of such brutal no bullshit honesty and vocal delivery of such uncompromisingly expressed emotional ambivalence that it brooks rare comparison to those of Paul Westerberg's of the Replacements from their testament to pure vitality Let It Be (1984)...


by Jenny Owen Youngs (who would have been about 3 years old when the aforementioned masterpiece was released).
[Note: the version which really does it for me is not the linked Youtube video above but the MySpace song linked below. - ed]

"One two three, I still hate me
There's no one else who I know how to be
Four five six, oh your body makes me sick
Don't take it away from me just yet
There's no one I can think of that I can stand less than you
Don't you want to touch my hands before you go?
I think I'm confused."

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