Saturday, July 14, 2007

Any day is a good day...for a few more from Charla Gené.

Noontime visitor...
"This Pigmy Owl was cooling off in my garden. 106 degrees today. So cute that I had to take a picture!"

"Butterflies like them too!"

"Zauschneria hummingbird trumpet"

These California natives want hot sun, good garden soil in a protected spot,and lots of water. They are a hummingbird favorite with profuse red flowers blooming late summer and fall. They grow back bigger and better every year.

"At least my pictures have a home on your blog. Most of the time, it’s more luck than patience. Also, learning how not to scare the little creatures away. They are my outdoor pets. Some of them know me and put a good vibe out totheir fellow creatures :) ...

Keep water, and a cool place in your yard, and they will come. . ."


"'s 109 degrees today! The quails came by, and I was able to get a picture of one chick...almost actual size."

"Hope the Tucson monsoons bring you a lot of interesting creatures to enjoy!"

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