Tuesday, July 01, 2008

UFL (Unidentified Fishing Loman) Sighting in Idaho!

Jim Nichols of www.jimnicholsufo.com forwarded me the above photo (via Cutting Edge producer Jim Rodger), with the following wisecrack: "This is why we have NO UFOAZ shows on DVD...!!!"

"Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know what Ted Loman is doing these days since he left Tucson.

As many of you know I use to work with Ted on his old show UFOAZ. I directed 165 episodes over six and one half years with Ted.

Any way it was great to spend a little time with Ted on the lake. Check out the photo of Ted in action!

By the way our next shows will be a two part series with author Richard Dolan. The first show on 7/25. For further details go to our website at

Jim Rodger
Producer/Host - Cutting Edge TV

For free access to many hours of some of Ted Loman's most intriguing ufo/paranormal tv programs from UFOAZ and Off the Record, check out our archives hosted at http://ufoazandofftherecord.blogspot.com - ed.

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