Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Comments From The Peanut Gallery...
(Letters to the Editor)

Mon petit blog en francais, bien sur...

Mary Alice Bennett forwards the delightful news from her friend Christian Macé in San-Tropez [a famous beach resort near the Cannes Film Festival, on the Mediterranean, southeast coast of France. - ed.] that Mr. Mace has posted a link to T.S. Minton Blogs on his blog, Ovis Paranormal: "La Vérité est ici… Le blog de Christian Macé." What's doubly cool is that Mr. Mace's link...is en francais! Click here to check it now!

"Super...productions, very nice ! I had put it on my blog ! The best...."
Christian Macé
San Tropez

"Charla really captured their jewel-like quality. I always buy the hummingbird calendars, but her pics are better! "
Mary Alice Bennett

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