Friday, February 16, 2007 ass once again.
In a pre-Sept 11th world...seemingly life-times ago...when I worked at a certain non-Microsoft

software giant here in Tucson, I used to sit at my computer and devour, in between (and sometimes during!) phone calls. I loved how they would showcase divergent political opinions, from lefty Joe Conason to righty David Horowitz (they are less balanced in these even more polarized times, where each side wants to play a zero-sum game of's not even "yes, but" anymore but "no, no, no"...on BOTH and EVERY side). It was the first online publication I read with the level of literacy of, say, Vanity Fair or The National Review. Most of all, though, I loved the freewheeling, acerbic, trenchant wit of Camille Paglia...

Camille's back!
"After a six-year absence, our cultural high priestess and pioneering Web proto-blogger has returned! And nobody -- not Hillary, Obama, McCain nor Anna Nicole -- can escape her level gaze."
New Camille Paglia column

Real talk with Bill Maher
"The talk show host sizes up Hillary and Obama, and explains why he's so over McCain."
Also features a Salon Conversations podcast MP3 of the interview.

Bill Maher & Guests Discuss Religious Fanaticism

Bill discusses Jesus Camp, and religious fanaticism with Sandy Rios, Reza Aslan, and Bradley Whitford.

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about...a zero-sum game of ideologies...on BOTH and EVERY side...

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