Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Swamp Gas Report:

"Strange Lights in the Tucson Sky and Buffoonish Media Reports Across the USA: Which is more mysterious?"

Photo taken 01/27/07 and (C) ,Martha McGrath, producer of the Puro Sabor community cable TV program on Access Tucson. Shot on the west side of Tucson, Arizona. For more of Martha's mysterious "encounters", click here.


Earth to so-called journalists, earth to so-called journalists: get your tongues out of your cheeks and just report the news...otherworldly though it might be.

Recent links posted on the Drudge Report (as close as we can come to a centralized source for the news in this decentralized age) offer a flurry of recent apparent UFO sightings. At the least this concentration of activity seems rather "anomalous."

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