Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back with a bang after a long hiatus: more original art from the dusty archives of T.S. Minton

"Film of blood: the pre-resurrection" (circa fall 1991

"Jamming in a ring of fire"

"Father and son commiseration" - 1994

"Leaping from the ramparts"

"Life amid the machinery" - circa 1994

"Parturient urge"

"The woven mysteries of sleep"

"When the water goddess discovered land"

All artwork (C) Thodal S. Minton. All rights reserved.

"Faerie girl" - by Jasmine Ennis

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Anonymous said...

Great to see more of your work from the archives. The Water Goddess one reminds me of the C.S. Lewis book I`m reading right now, "Perelandra" about the green goddess on the floating island. You are very expressive, glad to see you blogging again! MJA